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Best Carving Tools ?

  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Wood Carving Tools

Evenin' Colin:

Just wonderin' how the tool search is comin'?

""Just one OLD man's curiosity gettin' the best of him." :roll: :wink:
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colin replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

I am looking a something with rubber handle (I forget the brand name) ... but no decisions yet :( I am wondering if carving rock maple is going to be more than I want to undertake, so am looking at other woods too. maybe something a bit softer.
  • Qdraw

Qdraw replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

You don't carve rock maple with hand tools. You grind it! Look to investing in a foredom. I think I spelled it right.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

:lol: I think that might be the best advice yet ... grinding rock maple, and ya know, I even have a Dremel tool and have not thought of using it for this ... seriously, do you think it would work ?
  • Den

Den replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

The best thing I have found in taking away hard materials is a circular chainsaw that fits to a grinder. I would have to pull it out and have a look but I think it was made by King Arthur. When you set it correctly you can take some really fine cuts with it and it leaves very little to do with hand tools.
Just a thought and I hope it helps.
  • chips

chips replied the topic: Foredom

For hard carving or just removing a lot of wood, the Foredom is a really good machine! I mainly use knives but when I need it I use the Foredom and they also have an amazing variety of bits/burrs. The dremel, which I have also, I just use for small, light jobs...I don't think the Dremel would do you much good on rock maple! You probably would burn it up. imho