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Best Carving Tools ?

  • nadcarves

nadcarves replied the topic: Carving rock maple

Come on, why are you characters griping about such beautiful,well bland,but easy to carve wood.Let's get real, Foredom tools burn it.The chainsaw is really designed to cut wet wood,and will burn as well.Chisels?Make sparks. Only tool that really works is one I sell,and since this is not a commercial site,it would be rude for me to tell you about it,and as of today,website will not be up for another week,so will just describe 5/8 inch tool fits in Foredom handpiece,WHICH in turn fits in a carving gun.Will carve rock maple faster than you can carve basswood.Price is $100 post paid,so that's why all my customers are in the trade.Need to try Aspen and Western cedar,can trade walnut for same. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Anyone have a roe skull with antlers I can borrow?
  • blueloon

blueloon replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

Colin, Power or Hand tools??? blueloon
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colin replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

Hand tools would be my primary interest Blueloon
  • blueloon

blueloon replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

Colin, sorry my reply took so long, long sad story,,,anyway, I have carved hard rock maple for about 18 years. I have used nothing but POWER tools, and I can tell you the simple solution if you wish. The subject matter of these carvings was 2 inch bird pins. I have carved and sold perhaps 2500 of them. maybe more!!! This is the "profit" maker of my carving. Can talk about that later also. Hope this is some help...if not, please let me know. blueloon

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colin replied the topic: Caving Tools

Hmmm ... sounds interesting. I am wanting to do some relief carving in musical (stringed) instruments ... but you of all people will know that Eastern Maple is like carving rock ... so power tools are easiest, but I am making such shallow cuts ... what about something like a dremel tool ??
Hey ... it would be neat to see some of your carving ... if you haven't posted in the Gallery section, you should, let me know and I will give you "permissions" to the sections you want :D
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Demented Woodworker replied the topic: Re: Best Carving Tools ?

You can never go wrong with "Swiss Made" brand. The only problem is they are mostly carried by Woodcraft so there is little competition on purchasing them. I would also advise not to buy set but to purchase each tool for a purpose. There are just way too many of them to get them all.