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what kind of sanding implements???

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Sally created the topic: what kind of sanding implements???

Hello All

I do a fair bit of small carvings in African Red Mahogany. I can't find the right tools to do the sanding. I have a Wecheer rotary grinding tool but have worn out 3 foot pedals consequently cannot control the speed so everything burns plus am having difficulty finding the proper attachments to sand into tight corners. My questions are, what are you all using, is the Foredom a good tool, do the foot pedals wear out? What sort of tips are you using? The flap types are expensive and not good for small spaces, the drum types seem the same and don't come in the range of grits that I would like. I have tried gluing velcro ends on pieces of foam stuck into screws, you name it!. Please help me, I hate hand sanding!