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Kingsize Bed

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PhilCo created the topic: Kingsize Bed

As with many married Couples, I suffered with 'No Room' syndrome, my wife took up all the bed, it was time to try and remedy that, however although we wanted a 2m x 2m bed, our bedrooms didn't allow for that, so the compromise, once we had confirmed we could get the mattress was a 1.8m wide by 1.9m long bed.

The problem in Colombia is getting dry timber, I often work her with Mahogany which is used as construction lumber, but is wet, so after trying to source dry hardwood at a price I could afford, I gave up and went for pine.

The project took me about two and a half weeks on and off, the only time it was assembled was on site once it was finished, so I was a little apprehensive, but it turned out that measuring ten times and cutting once, paid off!!...lol

It is made 2x4 and 8x1, using pocket holes to keep the panel boards from springing, the base is 1/2" ply on top of the 2x4, fortunately I was able to buy a sheet of ply 1.83 x 2.44 therefore it is in one piece.

I finished the timber with a matt oak varnish, and built in the lights to reduce clutter.

The only thing, I am still not entirely happy about, is the height of the bed, my wife insisted it be high enough for one of our dogs (a rescue) to sleep under. I may still make steps for myself!!
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colin replied the topic: Kingsize Bed

What a great story, and a lovely bed frame, thanks for sharing that with us. I have been yearning to visit Columbia, hopefully one day.
Thanks again :)
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Glen replied the topic: Kingsize Bed

Pine can make amazing projects!! I shuddered when you said it wasn't assembled until it went into the room!! You sure had things planned out well!!
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