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Cutting board

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MC73 created the topic: Cutting board

I have made a cutting board and after I planed I found some little cracks. I have attached some pictures.
Would like to know how can I secure those cracks and still be food safety. Cracks are only on one side. Did not go through the other side.
Thank you very much and hope to get an answer from you as soon as possible.
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colin replied the topic: Cutting board

Hello Michael,
Yes, those are some nasty cracks, they will need to be filled to keep the board "food safe". One of the best things, and easiest to find is 2 part epoxy glue. Get the 5 minute version ... mix up equal parts of each, maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of each mix them together well and use the thin stick to drive the epoxy into the cracks. It might be a good idea to to clean up the cracks a bit ahead of time, it will make it a lot easier to put the epoxy in if you do that. You may need to do this a couple of times to get the epoxy even with the surface of your cutting board.
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MC73 replied the topic: Cutting board

Thank you very much. Any idea what kind of epoxy?
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colin replied the topic: Cutting board

2 part epoxy is pretty common glue, you should be able to find it at any hardware store. It is often sold as "5 minute epoxy" but there are also versions that take longer to cure. When it dries and hardens it is water poof and very hard.
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