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Best Way to Make Slotted Holes

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chaplaindoug created the topic: Best Way to Make Slotted Holes

I make tables and when attaching aprons I use over-sized holes to allow for expansion and contraction (to allow the screws some room to move). The "pros" always recommend using "slotted" or elongated holes. I would love to do that. But I do not have any tool that seems suitable to create slotted holes. What is the best way (and best tool) to make slotted holes for this application? Thanks for any help.

P.S. I though about using a straight router bit. But I do not have a router table (and cannot afford one right now) to enable me to ensure straight slots on the apron attachments.
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Glen replied the topic: Best Way to Make Slotted Holes

Use your hand drill with a slightly larger bit than the screw. Drill 3-4 holes against each other then tip the drill back & forth to clean up the side of the elongated holes.

YouTube New Yankee Workshop videos & you'll see Norm Abram do this on some of his tables.