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Need feedback

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smk created the topic: Need feedback

Building a coffee table, first time doing it. I'm trying Danish oil instead of stain, it's what I have. I've applied 2 coats. It's pine plywood top. Does it look ok? It says to wait 8-10 hours so after that is it ok to top it off with varnish even though I heard it's a oil and varnish blend, will I get any added protection from it, or better to use poly? Do I need to sand and use sanding sealer prior to the top coat? Do I need to coat the underside with the Danish oil too?

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Derek replied the topic: Need feedback


the top looks great. Where this table will see a lot of wear and tear and this being a softwood, I would go to a Poly or even a Spar Urethane. There is no need to use Sanding Sealer at this point and if you let the Danish oil fully cure (24 - 36 hrs) you can apply your Poly right on top and I would recommend 3 light coats. As for the underside, some do and some don't. I always do the entire table with the same product(s) as I see fit. Doing this really helps with allowing the entire table take on and release humidity at a stable rate. I do not know how much use/abuse the table may see so your call if the entire structure should be done with the Poly and I personally do not see the need to.

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colin replied the topic: Need feedback

Yup ... what Derek says is exactly what I would have said ...
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smk replied the topic: Need feedback

It probably won't see a lot of use, I have a planter with a fake plant in it I will have on top of it, and maybe the occasional drink.