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end check

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will-nut created the topic: end check


i am looking for a recipe for a substance to act as a sealer for the ends of logs until they can be milled, would prefer a wax based product if possible (enviro friendly)

thanks :?:
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colin replied the topic: Sealer Formula

Hmmm ... this is a great idea. I know there are commercial versions of this available but they are often hard to find. Almost anything you can paint on the end grain will be a help, if it's a latex product you may want to give it two or three coats with a heavy out door fence paint.
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ronbill replied the topic: Re: end check

Woodcraft makes a “Green Wood End Sealer” but I have never used it. A friend of mine tells me that he has used it but cannot really tell how well it works because he doesn't know if the wood would have checked without it. Let me know if you try it and if it really works.


Part number 125306. 10 bucks for a quart.

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will-nut replied the topic: Re: end check

thanks guys for the input, in searching i have found a source as well and tryed the product, it is from lee valley and sold as END SEALER FOR LOGS, part #56k03.21 for 1ltr and 56k03.24 for 3.78ltr (1 us gal), 1 ltr sells for $12.95 and gal for $36.50 can, they also have peg which looks like a real pain to use and is kind of expensive, thanks for the input.

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