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Arbutus (Madronna)

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farmerden created the topic: Arbutus (Madronna)

I've just moved to a new barn and found some Arbutus boards I cut in the nineties! Did I mention I'm a bit of a hoarder :laugh: As far as grain goes it look rather bland. Has anyone ever used Arbutus? Den
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arnold replied the topic: Arbutus (Madronna)

i have used madrona in the past it takes a long time to dry - years
mostly it doesnt show much grain and is very very hard wood. i found it a bit of a chippy wood to work with when you cut it but for some things it makes a nice accent wood or for making smaller things like jewery boxes. not too good for furniture as it often moves a lot when ripping due to how the trees grow in all sorts of angles which causes built in tensions in the wood. good idea to use a splitter with madrona
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farmerden replied the topic: Arbutus (Madronna)

Ya I cut a straight log and could not believe the tension in the log -can only imagine the tension in a crooked piece! It actually lifted off of the stickers even with a heavy load onit. BUT it is perfect to power the boiler in my steam boat!

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