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what is this wood?

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shadahall created the topic: what is this wood?


can you tell me what kind of wood this is and secondly, its value, if any? these were donated to a yard sale we're having tomorrow and do not know if we should price these at 5 for $20 or much higher.

[the far left piece is driftwood, but i'm not sure about the rest of them.]

thank you,
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colin replied the topic: Re: what is this wood?

Hi Shad, It's really hard to tell what kinds of wood you have from pictures. It is possible to identify woods but sometimes you need a magnifier to examine the grain.

About all I can tell is that most of them look like they are burls (which I'm sure you already know) and for anyone that works with burls, that is probably about as much as they want to know as well.

If I had these, I would price them individually at between $5 for small and $10 for the largest each, then offer to bundle the works for say $35 ... that way someone will offer you $30 ... or $28 which is about their value :)

Good luck with your sale ... hope you sell lots

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shadahall replied the topic: Re: what is this wood?

thanks, colin!

by the way, i really liked your recent video on squares and triangles. very relevant to a recent frustration in the wood shop ... because i was using a carpenter's slide square for exact measurements. great video!

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colin replied the topic: Re: what is this wood?

Thanks Shad ... I heard from a few people, who, like you and me, had assumed all of these squares were accurate, and found out later, they aren't.
Good woodworking ...


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