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Purpleheart wood dust

  • woodenhillbilly

woodenhillbilly replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

Recently the Fed's announced that wood dust was a health hazard and known cancer agent. The furniture companies locally (Michigan's Big Three) now have dust monitors on the process lines. Let's face it if they're taking steps to prevent promblems, might be a good idea to follow their lead. Simple precautions like a real respirator not the paper filter that fits poorly, a down draft sanding table that can be homemade with a shop-vac and proper ventilation in shop areas. Also a word of caution that along with the health hazard of wood dust is the explosion potential with an open flame furnace in the shop.
  • Pijovic

Pijovic replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

has anybody got any plan about small dust colecting system....(something like small table, underneath which is second hand vacum cleaner built in somehow with mash working area through which vacum cleaner drows wooden dust into filters...
Diod anybodu build anything like thAT FOR HIMSELF, and if somebody did, would he like to share the idea.... thankfull in advance.....Dusan
  • Pijovic

Pijovic replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

Foprgot to say that I am one of old biginers with just a bit experience in everything a bit, but not enough to be happy about it...... (thanks)

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