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Purpleheart wood dust

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Woodman created the topic: Purpleheart wood dust

I am working with purpleheart wood and doing a lot of sanding right now. I have heard somewhere the the dust from the wood is harmful or toxic, does anyone know, or direct me to someone who does know.
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colin replied the topic: Face masks for dsut

It is probably somewhat safe to say that ALL wood dust is toxic in one way or another, and Purpleheart is particularly aggravating to humans. I highly recommend that you do something immediately to protect yourself from purpleheart wood dust by getting a GOOD face mask and eyeprotection, and probably investing in some sort of a dust collection systems as well.
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Woodman replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

What about a full face mask and dust collector in one, is this an alternative?
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arnold replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

I use a full face mask system that includes a small fan and a good filtration system. I also have a dust collector system in my shop, but I also suffer from asthma (probably as a result of too much wood dust over the years). Colin is right, you need to protect your health.
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Travlr7 replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

Evenin" Woodman:

As has been said, almost ALL wood has some toxic qualities to it and will cause damage. Having a good Dust Removal system with filtration and a good face mask is important if you are going to do any amount of woodworking that makes dust. :idea: :!: :!:

As far as finding out what the toxicity of a wood is, there are several lists on the internet. Go to your favorite brouser and search key words "Wood"+"Toxic" as your search. When I did it on Google, I got 516000 hits. The second one in the list was specifically about Purpleheart.

"Just one OLD man's ravin's." :wink:
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Woodman replied the topic: Re: Purpleheart wood dust

Yes, there is a lot of information on the Internet when you know what to look for. Some of the woodworking shops I have visited that have dust collection systems, don't seem to do a very good job. Is this what I can expect or is lessor quality products or installations? Any thoughts ???

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