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FARMER00 created the topic: strength

wooden lacrosse sticks and shafts are tradishionally hickory or sometimes ash. Now i have made about 7 shafts from both types of wood and broke my last one a couple days ago. I can deal a fairly hefty blow with a lacrosse stick and need something to stand up to it. What types of wood would everyone recomend. Im thinking Ipe or Iron wood but would like to hear everyones opinion
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colin replied the topic: strength

Just saw this post, I think you are pretty dead-on using hickory. Ash would be my second choice. As for Iron wood, it will be somewhat heavier, but I'm not convinced it will be necessarily stronger ... and again, going to Ipe I don't think will be much better if any, than hickory.

The only think I can add is this. if you are heat bending the wood, that might be the weak point. Bending wood, like bending anything tends to weaken. I would suggest try doing a lamination stick. It will certainly be at least as strong as the bent, but it will also have some flex that the bent one won't have.

I never played lacrosse (but have played 40 years of ice hockey, so I do know a bit about flex in sticks) I know it will mean having to round over the laminations after they are dried but hopefully a router with a round-over bit will do a quick job on that. Anyway ... over to you for your thoughts :)

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