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Travlr7 created the topic: Site visits

Just wondering; it seems that there is a long time that posts sit without being viewed or answered. Is this normal, or is there a problem?

Thanks in advanced for your reply. :lol:

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  • zeus

zeus replied the topic: Re: Site visits

Well, we hope this won't be normal. The reason this is happening is that this site is so new. We only officially launched about 3 weeks ago. Because of this we don't have the member base yet to keep the forums as active as we would like them to be. We are doing or best to advertise this site as much as possible in order to get members to sign-up and use its features. We are spending most of our time developing applications and content for the site, and don't have much time at the moment to keep a constant eye on the forums.
Our site visits are going up, but it might take a while before we get enough members that provide input to keep the forums busy.
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Travlr7 replied the topic: Site visit

WOW - Just three weeks, by the look of the site, I would have thought longer. 8O

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