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Pedro Cravino created the topic: New member - Presentation

Hello dear friends.
I'm Pedro Cravino, I'm 40 y.o. and I'm from Barcelos - Portugal.
I've been a self learning craftsman all my life and I'm always trying to improve my skills and to learn some more. Presently I have some ship modelling projects going on as well as some work shop and home improvements. I've posted some pictures on my album. I hope we all may, every day, learn something with each others.
Big hugs to you all.
P.J. Cravino.
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colin replied the topic: Re: New member - Presentation

Hey Pedro, that for the note, I agree that woodworking is all about sharing ideas, techniques and accomplishments.
We would love to see some pics of your model ship. I see that your work shop is scaled for kind of woodworking craft you are doing, well done and thanks for sharing that with us.

To everyone ... to see Pedro's pictures, click on his name or is icon and that will take you where you can click on his pictures.

Thanks again Pedro ... great to have you with us, thanks for posting


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