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Posting a Picture

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Travlr7 created the topic: Posting a Picture

Just a Dumb OLD man's question - I thought I'd post a picture to the site, but when I hit the IMG button it appeared that it was looking for me to add a link to the picture instead of giving me an avenue to download it here.

Am I right, or just dumb? I don't upload many items to sites, so I could very well be DUMB.

Thanks for the help.

"Just one OLD man scratchin' his bauld head."[/img]
  • zeus

zeus replied the topic: Re: Posting a Picture

Welcome Travlr7

I have yet meet a "dumb old man" I don't think you get old by being dumb :)

Anyways, the reason you can't upload any images, is because we have removed that feature from the board. With in the next few weeks we will have finished a gallery section. This will be a complete section of or website dedicated for members to show-off their photos. We therefore decided it would be best to have all picture uploaded to that section of the site.
The Img button you were using, lets you post remotely hosted images. These are images that are hosted on other parts of the site or the internet. Right now, for you to post a pic on the forums, you must either host the images yourself or email it to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . We will then upload the image to our server and send you a link so you can post and view it in the message boards.

In the future, you will only have to upload your image to the gallery, them link to it in your post to view it.

Sorry for the inconvenience
  • Travlr7
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Travlr7 replied the topic: Posting Pictures

:) Not an inconvenience at all. I'll wait until you are ready. I like what I see so far on the site.

"Just one OLD man's opinion."
  • zeus

zeus replied the topic: Re: Posting a Picture

We finally got around to installing the gallery, please see the post in this section. You already have premission to post in some of the gallery sections, please let us know if you want more sections to post to.

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