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Titebond III Glue Remover

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Derek created the topic: Titebond III Glue Remover

Hi everyone,

does anyone out there know what can remove Titebond III Glue from a shop apron but not destroy it during the process ???

I would really like to see my shop apron back to it's original state.

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The1Joe replied the topic: Titebond III Glue Remover

This is from Titebond's faq:

Will Titebond Wood Glues wash out of clothing?
If Titebond Wood Glues are accidentally spilled on clothing, it is important to immediately wet it with water and keep it wet until all adhesive is rubbed off of the clothing. Do not put the clothing item in the dryer until all adhesive is removed. Heat will melt the adhesive into the fabric and it will be permanent. Titebond II and Titebond III if allowed to dry will not release from fabric. A mixture of Acetone/Water/Vinegar will soften the adhesive but will not dissolve it. Scraping the softened adhesive should remove a majority of the adhesive.
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Derek replied the topic: Titebond III Glue Remover

Hey Joe, thanks for thanks for taking the time to find this. I found this as well during my hunt for an answer and I will try it out.

Every time I put my apron on the day after a butcher block build it sounds like breaking glass as I strap it up. lol