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Hello from Arizona

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AzDusty created the topic: Hello from Arizona

I have not done much woodworking since I was younger, but this year I would like to build a few small boxes for my granddaughters and their parents as a keepsake.

Don't have much in the way of tools, a new router (with bits), a table saw and a skill saw.

Anyway, I live in Southeastern Arizona near Tombstone and am married. Love camping, fishing, hunting and or just chilling. Trying to pickup woodworking as another form of treatment for PTSD.

Yes I served, US Navy 16 years with 14 being at sea.

Thanks for approving my membership
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Derek replied the topic: Hello from Arizona

A huge hello,

it's great to see so many different people taking up woodworking as a hobby or as a means to just get back to basics in life.

Colin has a ton of awesome Table Saw how to videos that can transform this machine into the heart beat of your shop. So take the time to see how some of the jigs we build to allow us to accomplish different tasks and allow us to make some awesome projects.

There are several members whom can help you out with just about any issue you may need further assistance with while building and finishing a project so just ask and we will do our best to get you looked after.

I have been putting a great deal of my shop time into building boxes of all shapes and sizes lately and I really enjoy the whole process. You have the tools to get started and I would love to help you out in anything you need so again....just ask. I check into the forums several times a day so between us all you can get a pretty quick response so you can get back to building. The only time I am not woodworking I am fishing so we have a great deal in common. Thinking on that, I will be taking two or three days this upcoming week to get away with my brother for some awesome Striped Bass fishing which will be a blast. I throw some photos up when I get back.

Anywhoo, welcome and I hope the Woodworking bug bites a huge chunk out of you and the Woodworking addiction sets into you. I know I suffer from it. LOL :laugh:

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Glen replied the topic: Hello from Arizona

Welcome to the club!! Great to have you here!! If you have any questions just ask!! Pictures are always a plus!!

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