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Table Saw Kick Back Video

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Derek created the topic: Table Saw Kick Back Video

Hi everyone,

I just happened to see this video in my YT feed and decided I would check it out. Boy am I ever glad I did. This incident happened a little less than a year ago and Mike got the message loud and clear and so should we.
Please keep yourselves safe and really enjoy your woodworking. Always wear your safety glasses and think before you make any cut on your table saw.

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colin replied the topic: Table Saw Kick Back Video

Derek ... thank you, thank you for posting this video. What an excellent learning experience.

This is clearly a YouTuber who is not watching my videos ;)
I have heard it said, it's seldom one thing that goes wrong, usually 2 or three and this is a classic case of that.

How many times have I said ...

- Be VERY careful cutting small pieces they are always the most dangerous

- Don't use those "chickens foot" push sticks on the table saw there, use one that holds the material down like an "L" shaped design

- Always ensure the blade depth is just barely above the height of the material

- Always wear GOOD eye protection

Thanks again Derek ... we can't get too many of these reminders. Glad to hear he's ok he'll be much more vigilant from now on.

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mhwitt74 replied the topic: Table Saw Kick Back Video

My thanks as well. I know that over the years there have been some close calls that I have learned from. This video shows how quickly things can go wrong,

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