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Bandsaw Boxes

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Derek created the topic: Bandsaw Boxes

Hi everyone, I made two bandsaw boxes for a Project post I have been putting together for the Project thread on our site. One is a cracked Bandsaw Box and the other is a really nice Steve Carmichael creation that he made for his daughter a few years back. I chose these designs because everyone can easily access them and one is straight forward (Steve's ) and the other a bit more challenging (Cracked Box).

I put a photo of my Steve Carmichael version up on my FB Page as was assaulted with six orders and the box I posted the pic of sold in fifteen minutes. All I could think was what did I just run into ?? This is a very small local market area but you would not think it with such demand for hand crafted work. I don't know what your local area is but it just shows how all of us can create items that people like and if you are so inclined to sell some items it can help raise a few dollars that would go towards tools, consumables like glue or wood.

I thought I would throw this up and see if anyone else has had similar experiences and could share what items they are finding popular with consumers.

Have a good one,


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