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saying hello

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towman0479 created the topic: saying hello

id like to say hello and introduce my self im a 49 year old who has been into wood working since i was a kid but havent had much time to do it unill recently i have 4 kids and they are grown and moved out now so now i have some time to do things i enjoy im pretty rust at wood working most of the skills i know i learned in high school shop class i have been buying tools and getting ready to start building some stuff i got a table saw and router and router table for christmas that should get me started
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Glen replied the topic: saying hello

You've got a pretty good start for sure!! Once you re-familiarize yourself with your new tools you will be building things like a pro in no time!! I also was away from woodworking for a very long time but when I got going again it came flooding back.

Best of luck & keep us updated on your progress & show us some pictures. I read those easier!! :laugh:
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colin replied the topic: saying hello

Welcome Towman ... sounds like Santa unloaded his tool sleigh at your place this year .. lol Lots of things to keep you busy and creative in the future.
Looking forward to seeing some pics of your builds

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Derek replied the topic: saying hello

Hello Towman and welcome. This website is chock full of great info you can benefit from. If you need any form of assistance with a project just post the question or issue and I will do my best along with many others to help you out. We all benefit from each others experience so don't be shy in answering questions either.

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towman0479 replied the topic: saying hello

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towman0479 replied the topic: saying hello


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