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Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

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eric422 created the topic: Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

Hi Everyone,

My name is Eric and I recently joined this website. I am a woodworker, and have been one since I was 13. Now Im 32 and I still love to build and design new projects. I am excited to be here and I hope to post many new topics and pictures on this website.

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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

Welcome to the forums! Looks like you got more experience then me, which I di welcome as learning new things is something I like! Let me asked what do you consider your hardest project?
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colin replied the topic: Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

Hi Eric ... great to have you with us.
We are all looking forward to your pics ... ideas and contributions

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Derek replied the topic: Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

Welcome aboard Eric.

If you get a chance, let us know what your interests are and feel free to help out with discussions on posts that are placed from other woodworkers. Lots of good people.

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OldEd replied the topic: Just joined WoodWorkWeb.com

Thanks. It's been kinda screwed up around here, so I sent message thinking I wasn't a member yet. Please forgive error.

Been away from woodworking for several years due to illness - kidney failure. I want to tell each and every one of you folks to be very kind to your kidneys. When they fail you have a choice: either die or go on dialysis. If you die, you're dead. If you go on dialysis you only THINK you're dead. What you are is extremely anemic - which means that just getting out of bed makes you tired. Woodworking, or anything other than the absolute necessary - like eating (sorta - you are on a restricted diet) - out of the question. Sometimes even to think about.

BUT!!!! I got a new kidney, and after a year I'm feeling alive again. So I'm off to Somerset, NJ, for the woodworking show this month, and I'm cleaning up the shop, and we'll be making sawdust in no time at all...

We hope.

Thanks for the welcome. It's good to be here.

P. S. What is "Karma"? I see that I have none - I take it that it is something that I want...

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