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Woodworking Charts

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smk created the topic: Woodworking Charts

Came across these, thought someone might like to have them. It's charts that list measurements out on a tape measure, lumber dimensions, drill bit speed, and drilling pilot holes. I'm going to print them out and laminate them and keep them in my tool cabinet.

Drill Bit Speed

Lumber Dimensions

Measurements on a tape measure

Pilot Hole Guide
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colin replied the topic: Woodworking Charts

Gee ... those are pretty useful, thanks for posting them ... great !! :)
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mgr921 replied the topic: Woodworking Charts

... But it feels good !

Thanks , SMK !
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: Woodworking Charts

Yes thank you very much , not too long ago I was looking for something like these and you just made my day woot!
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arnold replied the topic: Woodworking Charts

i alswasys seem to be looking for these measurmints thanks i will print some for my workshop
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Derek replied the topic: Woodworking Charts

Perfect SMK,

these are a great reference in my shop from here on in. I am constantly jumping from project to project and many require pilot holes ( Hard Woods ) so this chart has helped immensley already. Thanks for sharing.


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