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smk created the topic: Oops

Don't you like how you buy a new can of varnish and the whole time you are thinking, I hope I don't knock it over.

First time for me, so I'm not sure do I need to sand it with 400 so my garage floor is really shiny? :laugh:
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: Oops

HAhahaha dont feel alone there I spilled a whole can of SparUrethane on my floor too. Atleast it will endure the harsh sunlight and outside elements for time to come. Just wear old fashioned Football spike shoes ahahahaha.
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colin replied the topic: Oops

Oh Boy ... am I glad to see I am in good company, and here I thought I was the only one who dumped over cans paint, but not before part of it ran down my pant-leg :)
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: Oops

Ok that would be an uncomfortable experience too.
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mgr921 replied the topic: Oops

This reminds me - that next time I'll buy a can of varnish - I'll be sanding by bench and floor - first.
(Nothing gained -nothing lost - all is transformation) ... :)

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OldEd replied the topic: Oops

I don't have a picture of it, but I had (lost in move) a block of wood - a piece of 4"x8" with a few holes cut in it. One would fit a pint can, the next a quart can, then three different sized of "flat" cans, the sort that solvents come in. The block of wood was heavy enough that you had to really WORK at knocking it over.

Made it after I knocked over a particularly hideous shade of paint, and "painted" three weeks worth of work. Of course, the paint absolutely refused to be removed.

It saves having to sand the floor to 1600 grit...

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