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Rubber Seat Needs Repair

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pmrii created the topic: Rubber Seat Needs Repair

I have a seat made of rubber or rubber like material. It has formed a crack along the top and need to repair it. I have tried CA and Contact Cement but they do not work.

Does anyone have a suggestion that will work? Quite a bit of pressure is put on the seat when a body kneels on it.

Please email me your responses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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colin replied the topic: Re: Rubber Seat Needs Repair

Yikes ... that's a good question. I have only had moderate success at gluing rubber type products, especially if there is any tension involved with them after they are glued. Often the glues does not flex and therefore pulls away.
Sorry, I have no answers on this one. Sounds like it might need a total replacement if that is possible.
  • PaulD

PaulD replied the topic: Re: Rubber Seat Needs Repair

You could try one of the GOOP glues ... I've had lots of luck with them before: www.biosafe-inc.com/ag_adhesives.htm

Also, make sure the surfaces you are bonding are clean as possible before applying any glues ... I usually blow them off with compressed air and then use brake cleaner to make extra sure of a clean surface.

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