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anyone ever build their own bandings??

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scrollsawguy created the topic: anyone ever build their own bandings??

im a 45 yr old retired n loving life kinda guy, wanting to try everything wood. but there s one thing i just cant find much info on, and thats building your own inlays and bandings. in many of my furniture i buy n use all kinds of inlays n bandings, but prices are going up on these artform beauties. so im thinking that i d really like to try building my own bandings, but its alot harder then it looks. if anyone out there has built, or would like to give me a few tips on this subject, i d be very honoured. things like cutting them to 1/32 in,best way for glueing these small shards together, any good jigs for building them, etc. i would be very much appreciated for any info. i ll even send ya a few of my trys if you need them. thx mike :lol:
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Derek replied the topic: anyone ever build their own bandings??

Hey Mike,

I just came across this post and seeing that it was made quite a while back, I make inlay banding and it is one of my favorite things to make. If your still in touch with the forums I would enjoy giving you a hand with this.


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