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Craftman 10" Electronic Radial Arm Saw

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PanamaJack created the topic: Craftman 10" Electronic Radial Arm Saw

In 1988 I purchased a Craftman10" Electronic Radial Arm Saw. The electronic part is giving me problems now. I checked with Sears, but a new Control box is not available.
Does anyone know if this part of the saw can be repaired, and if not do you know where you might find a replacement part?

  • dwadleigh

dwadleigh replied the topic: Re: Craftman 10" Electronic Radial Arm Saw

You might want to check to see if this saw is a part a major recall of Craftsman Radial Arm Saws 1958-1992 Model # starting in 113. They will possibly give you $100 for the return of the saw carriage if you can't fix the electronics. If you can, they may give you a free upgrade (including shipping), which completely replaces the blade guard assembly and the MDF table and assembly. Emerson Tool Company 800-511-2628 or www.radialarmsawrecall.com
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PanamaJack replied the topic: Radial Arm Saw

Thanks for your post. I called Emerson. They are OUT OF THE TOOL MAKING BUSINESS. They are doing the recall, but that's all. Sears does not handel the electronic parts to this saw any more. I'm just wondering if there might be someone out there who has this saw (Craftsman 10" Electronic Radial Arm Saw - Model #113.198411) and perhaps has for all purposes JUNKED it and would be willing to extract the electronic board to sell to me.


Panama Jack

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