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table saw purchase

  • charliewood
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charliewood created the topic: table saw purchase

new woodworker considering table saw looking at grizzly contractor or cabinet saw, believe in buying good quality that will be good for beginner and also when I develop the skills for furniture projects, any ideas or opinions :D
  • gurujeff03
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gurujeff03 replied the topic: Re: table saw purchase

I'm new to buying a table saw as well and this is what I have found.

I'm interested in the hybrid saws, cross between the contractor and cabinet. they have the motor mounted under the blade. I like this because it takes up less room. The drawback is that they are pretty close to the price of a cabinet saw. Jet has a basic model starting at about $900.

I've also been looking at craftsman, the hitachi C10FL and some others. I don't really want to spend too much on it.

Let me know what you find

  • medman937
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medman937 replied the topic: Table saw

on the table saw, I had a ryobi 3000 for years but I quickly discovered after the initial purchase, I needed much more in a table saw than what it can provide as far as precise cutting.

When the v belt broke, I used this as an excuse to purchase a better saw. I chose the Jet 10jt. This saw is so much better than what I have been used to. The noise level is half, it doesn't take a few minutes in between cuts for set-ups and it cuts so much smoother than the ryobi.

Yes, I loose space because the motor is outside but I have it on a rolling base and that takes the space anyway.

Do yourself a favor and look at this saw. I got mine at Lowe's on sale for 449.00 with stand.
  • MichaelOH
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MichaelOH replied the topic: Re: table saw purchase

You really are better off just skipping the contractor saws and going for the cabinet saw. You will thank yourself in the long run. On the other hand, buy the $199 Craftsman to get you by until you have the cash for a good cabinet saw and then you will have the contractor saw for just crosscutting rough lumber without having to switch blades all the time.

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