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mezie created the topic: machinery

I want to buy a logosol PH260. It is a 4 head moulder planer.
has anyone used one? if so how good is it? How strong is it.
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scrit replied the topic: Re: machinery

The same machine is sold as the"Moretens" in Europe. I believe they are the actual manufacturers (Swedish). I had a look at one on the UK trade show "Woodmex" last year - interseting machine, very low cost for the performance. They do look a bit on the light side against conventional 4-siders, though IMHO
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sa-uk replied the topic: Re: machinery


We have this machine at my workplace, and I use it 2 or 3 days per week. We produce decking, flooring, skirting and general PAR output.

Build quality overall is good. The machine seems robust - we have used ours for about 10-20 hours per week for 3 years, and it is perfectly serviceable. The machine is quite happy with green or kiln dried material. It is claimed to be portable, but we don't move ours.

Do expect to have to replace parts from time to time. The infeed spacer plates can get distorted if you are working with split timber; the fences will need replacing after a few years; the outfeed roller tends to wear out after a lot of use; drive belts will wear out and various bolts and screws will wear out and need replacing. Remember it is a budget machine and some of the components aren't as robust as they might me on a top of the range machine.

Do not use this machine without SERIOUS extraction, the volume of waste generated is enormous. We use the 4-port Logosol extractor and it is fine, but quite noisy, so try to keep this a reasonable distance away. One extractor port is connected to the lid and I would recommend a good quality flexible hose for this connection.

The biggest issue with this (budget) machine vs. more expensive ones is the time taken to re-tool when changing from one job to another. The entire process is manual - a particular pain is the two fences inside the machine. These need to be set parallel to each other (and to the whole machine), however, they are secured by two bolts each, and have to be made parallel by hand (Using a strait edge and lining up by eye, I'm afraid. If the fences aren't set correctly, then the material will not run evenly through the machine and therefore won't contact evenly with the two spindle moulders. We run through some test blanks in order to check the setup.

Spindle moulder changes are much like every other machine and are pretty quick.

Like many moulders, best results will be only be acheived if the input material has one straight edge. We make two passes of all our products and one reason for doing so is to give us a square edge.

Quality of finish is first class if you use sharp knives and take time to setup the fences correctly. We have a dedicated thicknesser machine as well, but like to use the Logosol in thicknesser mode for work which demands a good finish (i.e. we run it with only 1 knife running).

Overall, there is a lot of machinery here for the money, and the machine will happily run 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I would suggest that you buy at least the optional outfeed table, otherwise, the last 4-6 inches of the work may be distorted unless it is kept level with the machine's internal table.

You can download the manual by the way.

Post here if you have any specific questions
Good luck

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