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110 or 220

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mn2tx created the topic: 110 or 220

I am geting a new tablesaw. I been asking others, including an electrician, "why 220 amp?" I got no good answers.
Do I get more power from 220 with the same hp rating? Does it use less electricity? So I am asking, " Why bother with 220?" :?
  • Jimmied

Jimmied replied the topic: Re: 110 or 220

The use of your saw will determine the voltage you should use. That said, some of the questions to ask yourself: 1) how long will the saw run at a time, 2) hardwood cutting or softwood, 3) how thick is the usual board being sawn or ripped. The 220 volt has a longer duty cycle which, if you will be sawing for more than twenty minutes continuously(?) you should consider 220 volts. If the boards you normally saw are hardwood and/or thicker than 2" the higher voltage is better suited for your purposes. If you do a lot of ripping the 220 motor will last longer than the 110. The 220 motor versus the 110 motor is something like the difference between the big block 400 cu in and the small block 400 cu in engines. The big block doesn't work as hard doing the same job, ergo it depends on how youi will use your saw. I hope this helps.
:) Jimmie
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mn2tx replied the topic: Re: 110 or 220

220 it will be.
Thanks for the reply.

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