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Shop Heating Question

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NewMonkey created the topic: Shop Heating Question

Hey All,

My workshop is in a 150 year old barn. Its totally unheated and its VERY dusty in there.

Can anyone recommend a way to heat the place?

I'm looking for something that'll be safe in the dusty environment.


  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Heating Shop

Keeping this in mind. This is just MHO, but

1. Insulate, insulate, insulate.

2. Get dust removal system Like a Cyclone.

3. then check out the "Safest" type of heat around wood dust an chips. Might want to look at Steam Heat.

  • NewMonkey
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NewMonkey replied the topic: Re: Shop Heating Question

Hey Bruce.. thanks for the quick reply.

Its true that my 150 year old barn/workshop needs to be insulated in a major way. And the main house is gas powered steam heat which I love.

My problem is that I have no heating out there at all. I don't really have the budget to build a mechanical room and buy a boiler or a full-on HVAC system.

I was looking for something possibly electric or maybe propane to heat the shop. Something usually made for a garage or big open space but safe around dust.

Thanks much!

  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Shop Heat

Evenin' Eric:

I understand about $$$$$$$$$.

The problem with other sources is that all but water heat is high enough to ignite wood DUST.

The only other option I can think of would be a construction heater called a "Salamander", but I would place it outside the area and use a piece of duct to transfer the heat inside, where you are working.

As I'm sure you already know; if you can't insulate, you're going to lose a lot of the heat. You might think about blocking off your work area with Visqueen (Plastic sheeting). We used it in a barn we were renovating into a community theatre and it helped.


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