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12mm Plug Cutter

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Tikiman created the topic: 12mm Plug Cutter

I need a 12mm Plug Cutter or 12mm Hickory Plugs. Does anyone have information on where I can get my hands on either?

Long story on how I got in this predicament, it involves a Christmas gift and not paying attention prior to counterboring 40 screw holes........

Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Tikiman,

Are you willing to order from the UK?

Most of the plug cutters I've seen from Rockler, Garrett Wade, and Woodcraft are all in sized in imperial (regular US) type measurements.


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Hello Tikiman,
You can get a 12mm plug cutter from Amana Tools.
You can see how it looks like in the following link:
12mm is not in the catalogue but you can get it. Ask for MNS1204.
I work in the factory that makes the tools in Israel.
Good luck,
Michael - WPW

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