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Finish sanding uneven pieces

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UncleRicco created the topic: Finish sanding uneven pieces

I use the King Arthur's carving tools to carve and need some help getting a smoother finish. I tried different power tools but in the end it all came down to tedious hand sanding.
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Derek replied the topic: Finish sanding uneven pieces

Hi UncleRicco,

we all have the same issues at some point and unfortunately sanding a piece of work that we have created becomes a tedious mountain we have to climb.

Something I have learned to minimize sanding time is to always use top quality sand paper. This paper cuts the wood fibers much more cleanly as lasts three to four times longer than the cheaper stuff. Along with high quality paper is to clean it often with the big stick of rubber to maximize the sand paper life. It only takes a few seconds to clean the paper and your right back at it. This includes sanding blocks, cleaning of the power sanders or just the small pieces we sometimes use by hand. Once you get into the routine, it becomes second nature on any sanding job. I have two of the cleaning blocks in my shop and they last for months and sometime close to a year.

I use a lot of Freud sand paper and a few others and I'm quite happy with their performance.


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