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Best Moisture Meter?

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Steveayerse created the topic: Best Moisture Meter?

Few days ago I have been writing on my blog about best moisture meters I have used, but today my brain was like( hey, ask in woodworkweb forums, what are their best moisture meters). SO here is my article read it and comment is there any better moisture meters?
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Derek replied the topic: Best Moisture Meter?

Hi Steve and welcome to the forums.

A very interesting read. Your views on the different devises was right along the comparison process I went through trying to find something I was confident in and happy with the price.

To me, the best choice is always the same in the end. What kind of capability do I need, is it accurate enough for my uses in the shop and like most woodworkers can I justify spending the price for it. Most woodworkers only need a basic moisture meter that is accurate to 2 percent. Having all of the many capabilities available out there in these devices is something we have to really ask ourselves if we really need them.

Accuracy is my major concern and there are a myriad of moisture meters on the market that are accurate and cost very little. Meters with pins and meters without pins is a hard choice for a lot of us and I think and the price difference can be the deciding factor. I am fortunate to have both but my go too meter is the pin type meter mostly because I process boards down to a rough size for my builds and pushing the pins into them to check the moisture content will not leave any holes because I will remove that wood from final sizing.

Just some thoughts on this and thanks for the article.

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mhwitt74 replied the topic: Best Moisture Meter?

Hello and welcome. I have one that is from Morso. They build wood stoves and accessories. I have had it for years and use it to check fire wood and also lumber. It works great for both. It is a pinned meter. You can get one of these or similar at any reputable wood stove dealer.

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