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Felisatti router/router table package

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Paulm141 created the topic: Felisatti router/router table package

Has any one used or seen the Felisatti Premium Table Package With RF67/2200 Router offered on homedepot.ca for $599.00?

Has any one seen or used a Fellisatti tool?

Looks a lot like Freud's combo package of a few years ago. Any reviews/comments?

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Glen replied the topic: Felisatti router/router table package

I know nothing about this item but it does look intriguing!! If the router is a good one then I don't see the price of the kit as being out of line considering the table,fence,featherboard etc,, is included.

I would drop a 3/4" plywood shelf on those lower braces since they are predrilled for 1/4" bolts.
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Derek replied the topic: Felisatti router/router table package

Hi Paulm,

I have looked at this router and it is a bit of a monster. At 3 1/4 hp it will easily spin the largest of bits for you. I just wish that I could see it in action myself and get a better look into it's internal components. My biggest concern with the router is if it is variable speed or not. That one option not being available would be a show stopper for me since I do use large raised panel bits quite often. I will suggest to you that you should look into this before you buy and weigh out the pros and cons of not having this option. I think this manufacturer is fairly new to the market or at least in Canada and hopefully you will find a knowledgeable sales person to fill in the details that are not provided in the description. The rep I spoke with was not aware of any facts about this router and was not willing to open the box so I could get a good look at it which is typical here in my area unfortunately.

The Table System is pretty solid looking in it's construction and is very similar to other good table systems on the market. The one I saw was chalk full of the items we all would look for in a router table. One aspect I would definitely demand of a table system is an aluminum plate which this system has. It is not made of top quality wood/MDF which is usually thicker than this system but it is solid enough for it's purpose. As glen mentioned, I would modify a few things which will enhance the capabilities of the table but that is it's own topic I would think. LOL

From what I have seen, I think this system is a great entry level router table system that would require minimal up-scaling at a very nice package price range. You will be able to tackle just about everything most woodworkers use a router table for and with the high hp router you can tackle the largest Cabinets, Raised Panel doors etc.

My only concern with this package is the router quality and options that I could not determine such as the speed control, the raising mechanism they state is accessible from the table top and if there is no speed control, what speed is preset. That is very important and I'm pretty sure it has speed settings mostly based on the high hp rating. That's enough I think. LOL I hope this is of some help in making your decision.


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