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Table saw maintenance {long winded}

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Glen created the topic: Table saw maintenance {long winded}

How many of us are really SERIOUS about our power tool maintenance?? Now be honest here OK?? B)

I know 1st hand how easy it is to buy a quality tool & then over the years just assume that since things are going together tight & square all is well with our equipment. I have a Craftsman TS that I bought new about 12yrs ago. Sacrificed a LOT of wood to the Wood God's over the years with & I gotta say that it still cut straight & true according to my finished products.

However,,,,, YEP,, there it is,,, that doesn't mean it was cutting right!! My main problem was that I had realized the saw was significantly louder then when new. To be expected I thought. Then I began noticing the curved blade marks on the edge of my ripped pieces. Only on the side against the fence. So I just hand planed them smooth & went about my business with those projects. That was those wall shelves & frameless picture frame.

Yesterday I started a microwave cart for the Wife's kitchen with 2 built in drawers for all her crock pots. Pre-finished Birch ply with Maple edging. Now I'm getting the same saw marks AND burning on the Maple!! The saw has a vibration more so than normal & is louder. Upon shut down as the blade turns to a stop & just before the blade brake kicks in I get a ratcheting sound.

NOW I'm determined to assess & attempt to fix this problem so I open the belt cover to remove the original belt. It's getting a new one today regardless so I take it off. And what to my wandering eyes should appear?? The motor pulley comes 1/2 way off the shaft with the belt!!!! Both set screws are loose as well as both set screws on the arbor pulley!! So I get the new belt & clean the shafts & pulleys & keys & reassemble everything. Blade marks & burning eliminated!! :woohoo: :woohoo:


$22 & 15 minutes later I can no longer justify the new Grizzly G0732 TS!!!!! :( :(
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Glen replied the topic: Table saw maintenance {long winded}

Vibration came back. I found the arbor pulley came loose again. I used blue Loc-Tite on the key & pulley shaft & on both set screws. I went ahead & did the same on the motor shaft & re-tightened everything. Seems to be better now again!!

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