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mhwitt74 created the topic: Bandsaw

Hello, I am new to this site but have been wood working all my life. I am wondering about your thoughts on what brand of reasonably priced bandsaw you guys would recommend. I have tried some cheaper models and got exactly what I paid for. I just want something that works the way it should and not a bunch of problems.
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Derek replied the topic: Bandsaw

Hi and welcome to the forums ! :)

To answer your question directly is pretty hard to do given the many models out there. What are the primary uses or capabilities you need from your Band Saw ? A little more info of what you are looking for would really help.

I get exactly what you see in many of the lower cost Band Saws out there..... I have to deal with one myself. "BUT"...... and it's a good one... with the set up and after market parts I have transformed my low end 14 inch Band Saw into a very predictable and accurate machine with which I can tackle just about everything we woodworkers want from a Band Saw. Maybe you will give this a little thought and consider upgrading your existing machine with some higher end parts such as tires, blade guides, installing a riser block, tension spring and a bit higher grade saws. Combine these upgrades and some set up options that really help with the operations of the machine such as shimming the tires out so they are in co-planer and the accurate set up of the guides for each size saw make all the difference in the world. I have not only improved the functionality of my Band Saw, I increased the re-saw capability from five and a half inch to eleven inches.
My point here is, maybe you have a machine that it would be much more cost effective to up grade and get the performance out of your machine that you are looking for. Just some thoughts I thought would be good for your consideration.

This is a great topic to discuss and anyone that has some input on this would be great. Once you let us know what size of machine you are looking at and what you want to build with it we can help you out with your decision.

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mhwitt74 replied the topic: Bandsaw

I would like to have one that can be set up and just use. I can do about anything with wood but when it comes to stuff with motors it's just not in my wheelhouse. Something that can handle up up maybe 2 inch thick material is all I need.
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Derek replied the topic: Bandsaw

I agree with you wanting something that works right out of the box. This conversation has me looking at and comparing some of the new bandsaws on the market.
Not knowing your price range is an issue. If you would consider sending me a private message with your price range, I can be a lot more specific in helping you.

Make sure you look into the great resource of YouTube tool reviews and keep in mind what your looking for in a Bandsaw. Cutting 2" stock on a regular bases requires a good strong motor and some quality saws. I think a 2 HP motor will allow you to tackle most jobs with ease. I have a 2HP motor and use Silicone Carbide blades for cutting Bandsaw Boxes ranging from 4" to 6" in thickness with absolute ease.
Let me know.


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