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delta unisaw

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slabman created the topic: delta unisaw

Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a delta unisaw x5 series 36r31x for 1000.00 Can't find much about it, like when manufactured, etc. Anyone have any experience or knowledge of it? Like any down or up sides to having one?


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Derek replied the topic: delta unisaw

I wish I could help but I have never used one. I will look into any reviews that I can find for you though. I'll get back to you if I find anything of use.

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Derek replied the topic: delta unisaw

Hi Slabman,

I tried to find a specific review I read which covered this saw to the bone marrow but it was not where I thought it was on the web. I will look further because it was such a detailed review and pulled no punches. It was quite favorable in this saw as a mid level cabinet saw overall if memory serves.
I was considering one of these myself a few years ago but I had to invest my money into items that I really needed at the time. LOL the age old problem of what tools to make a priority between as woodworkers. It never ends.


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