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Planer not feeding wood!

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pondball created the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

Hi... I have a 13" Delta TwoSpeed Finishing planer that does not feed the wood properly... or at all at times.

Is there something I might have set up incorrectly? I reviewed Colin's video but it doesn't say anything about settings and how much depth of cut is necessary to help pull the wood through.
I'm hesitant to use the planer until I can get this solved. In Colin's video the wood just glides through the planer... like mine used to do... not any more!

Any suggestions?
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colin replied the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

Most likely one of 2 things, you may not have lowered the heads down far enough for the rubber rollers to grab your wood and pull it through .. or, it's possible that the rubber on the rollers has disintegrated over time and they need to be replaced repaired.

If you are pretty sure you have the head lowered enough that the wood should be grabbing like it used to, then *** UNPLUG *** the planer, raise the head so you can examine the rollers, if they look fine ... then it must have something to do with the drive mechanism. This does not happen very often, but it does happen.
At least this will give you a start in diagnosing the problem

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pondball replied the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

Thanks for the quick reply Colin... I think the mechanism should be ok as I have not really over used it at all... The rollers may have been a problem so I cleaned the rollers with mineral spirits, waxed the table and also did one other suggestion I found on the net... apparently with this Delta Two speed the two speed switch somehow gets out of whack and in fact the rollers may not have been moving at all... the suggestion there was (while the machine is running but with no wood running through it) flip the switch from the coarse to the fine setting. I did that a few times and the rollers are now functioning properly. just tested a few boards and all is well again!
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colin replied the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

Glad to hear you found the solution and then shared it with us. I have not heard of this issue, it would be interesting to know what causes it. If you get a moment I would love to know the model number of that particular planer ... good to know for future reference.
Thanks again and all the best :)
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pondball replied the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

HI Colin
I was surprised too. Any comments with regards to this planer problem were leading to the suggestion that it was a manufacturing issue... but not one that was discovered within any warranty period... mine included. I've had this one for several years and initially there wasn't a problem. The last couple of times I've used it though it has been a struggle. I thought it was me initially but after reading the comments, cleaning the rollers and feed and out tray and then checking the switch it seems to be back to normal again.

The model number on the Instructional Manual that accompanied it (new out of the box) is Model 22-580.

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Glen replied the topic: Planer not feeding wood!

I was going to suggest pitch build up on the rollers.

On a cordless drill if the HI/LOW switch isn't fully engaged one way or the other the bit will turn until pressure is applied. Then it starts clicking real bad cause it's nut fully engaged in one gear or the other. You may need a new switch if that is possible to change.

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