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mariavaccaro created the topic: MESSAGE FROM ITALY

My name is Maria Vaccaro, I am a student at the department of interpreters and translators, university of Torino, Italy.
I am desperately looking for a glossary concerning antiques restoration (e.g. tools, substances used, like solvents, techniques etc…).
I need your help!
I will send you a copy of my research on “wood antiques” in Italian, English and Spanish.
Thank you,
Maria Vaccaro.
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scrit replied the topic: Re: MESSAGE FROM ITALY


Could I suggest for the tools that you get hold of a copy of R.A.Salaman's book "Dictionery of Woodworking Tools" (ISBN 1-879335-79-4) and also his "Dictionery of Leatherworking Tools, c.17000 - 1950" (ISBN 1-879335-72-7) which are standard references used by tool collectors. They cover almost the entire range of tools used in British/American practice.


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