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Walker Turner Table Saw Gear needed

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Old Woodie created the topic: Walker Turner Table Saw Gear needed

Gear that changes the blade angle busted. It is mounted near front, has threads, is split with threaded hole for long threaded shaft mounted to wheel on left side. It changes the degrees of tilt of the arbor/trunion/blade. Thanks for info.
Old Woodie
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colin replied the topic: Re: Walker Turner Table Saw Gear needed

I think I know what piece you are referring to ... there are a couple of options. If the manufacturer is still in business (or even if they are not) you may still be able to get parts for it. I would do some research through Google using key words like the manufactures name in quotes " " and parts. This should drive up some answers, hopefully good ones.
The second option is less attractive, but still an option, and that is to have the part manufactured. If the part you are referring to is one that attaches to the side of the table saw and the a long screw rod goes through it to change the angle, this could be manufactured out of a small plate of steel, a hole drilled and tapped for the right thread size then attached with a couple of bolts to the body of the table saw?
Don't know ... but thats about all I can offer right now ... hope this helps

... Colin

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