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Trouble With Work Sharp Port

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Bubinga created the topic: Trouble With Work Sharp Port

I ‘m having trouble getting a consistent grind using the Sharping port on my Work Sharp 3000
Two problems ,going through the grits,and changing glass plates,the bevel angle changes slightly,and the
skew,meaning the end of the tool being square.
I am holding the blade flat ,and straight on the bed of the port. Pretty sure any way,or am I ?
Anyone else having similar problem ???
I have the WIDE BLADE ATTACHMENT ,so I just started using the honing guide on top for the chisels ,and works fine no problems

-- E J
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colin replied the topic: Trouble With Work Sharp Port

Sounds like you are pretty much on-track. I am not sure how bevel angles can change. This is a bit of a baffler.

In terms of the sharpening, are you using the side of the port as a straight edge to keep the blade against as you sharpen. If not, this can cause the tip to be skewed.

Another thing to be aware of on this tool, I recall that it does have some sort of a micro adjustment. What this is for is to slightly change the angle of the grind in your final grind. This is commonly done in sharpening chisels and plane blades. For example the main grind will be a 35 degree, the then a final micro grind is put on at about 30 degrees for a final sharpening edge. Later on this 30 degree edge can be used to fine tune the edge only without having regrind the whole chisel face.
Maybe this is what is causing some sharpening inconsistency.


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