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how to square wood

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savan1221 created the topic: how to square wood

i am trying to square wood
mostly 2x4's and some 2x6's
since its raw 8 foot boards and the edges are all curved and its a really mess
i am just trying to square it
i know that cross cut can be square by miter saw
also i know that a bench jointer will square wood but i don't have that or a table saw is there any other Manuel way to do it
i have a block/hand plane can i use that if yes then is there a video guide to using it the right way
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colin replied the topic: Re: how to square wood

Squaring ends of 2x4s and 2x6s can be done with a block plane if the plane is VERY, VERY sharp. If it is not extremely sharp you will know, because it will be very difficult to plane end grain.
If you have a circular saw, that is what I would recommend. Purchase a good quality Freud blade ( a 40 tooth would be best but 24 tooth will be ok) Then use a square to guide the saw with. An easy to make Jig like this would work even better
Just make sure your blade is square to the table or platform of the circular saw, and that your jig is absolutely 90 degrees and you should get excellent cuts.
I'm not sure what your project is, or what wood you are cutting, that can also make a difference too as to the difficulty and accuracy.
Hope this helps ... lets us know !!
  • david cooksey

david cooksey replied the topic: Re: how to square wood

Try using the Deadman method of sawing using a circular saw which clamps the board between a upper & lower piece of plywood which pivots downwards.



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