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Good router

  • savan1221
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savan1221 created the topic: Good router

i am looking for a cheap plunge router with a fine adjustment knob\
would be good if it could accept 1/4 and 1/2 bits because i know most trim routers cant but normal can so does anyone know any
i am using it for wood and plane on building a table for it vertical and horizontal.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Good router

Trying to find a decent inexpensive router can be a real challenge. There are so many "unknown" brands available, and trying to keep up with model changes has, over time, eluded me. I think, for somewhat limited use, I would look at the Ryobi router (models keep changing so check to see what is latest), for a bit better quality I would try to find a Milwaukee router. Again they seem to have changed model numbers, but I remember looking at one a few months ago and thinking it looked pretty good, but I did not test it or try it, only looked at it. I am partially going on the generally good reputation of Milwaukee tools in mentioning this one. You might also look at refurbished routers. Sometimes a manufacturer will offer them on their own website, or through select dealers. I have always had good luck with refurb-items, but it is always a bit of a risk.

Hope this helps
  • PaulD
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PaulD replied the topic: Re: Good router

ya ... it's hard to find a good deal on a decent router. i would really recommend keeping a eye out on your local online classifieds like Craigslist to see if you can score a deal on a used brand name model.
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savan1221 replied the topic: Help with picking a router

have five different routers
now the hing is i like the Hitachi but its fixed based but it say easy depth control is there a different between this and the plunge
is it about how deep they can go or what
and which one would you recommend i don't know about Collete sizes so which sizes would be best mostly for around 1/2 in straight bit and maybe some trimming.
and which one would you recommend
i plan on build a vertical and horizontal table for it.

most important part is the depth control with a fine adjustment knob which one of these has one because i hate when you have to set the depth and its off so you unlock it and loose the adjustment that took some time. i use to have a task force router for about a day and that part sucked so i need something similar to that or an easy way to set depth with the springy thing runing it
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PaulD replied the topic: Re: Help with picking a router

Out of those choices I like the Hitachi M12VC the best also ... here's what I've found out about it:
"The M12VC utilizes a two-stage motor release clamp for quick and accurate depth adjustments. The release clamp makes it easy to change from a fixed base to a plunge base (not included). Depth adjustments are also made easy by the nickel-plated motor housing, which also helps to reduce scratches and stains on the tool body. The M12VC has a collet capacity of 1/2 inch (not included) and 1/4 inch (included)"

So ... you can place a plunge base on it and a 1/2 collet on it, but you have to buy them extra ... but it will do all you want it todo with the extras.

www.hitachipowertools.com/index/main-nav...s.aspx?d=12,61&p=235 <<< you can download the manual from their site to see how the bit adjustments are made. I would also contact them to see who sells the extra add-on, so you can get a price for them.
  • david cooksey
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david cooksey replied the topic: Re: Good router

I bought a Freud FT220 off ebay i like new shape which was only used 1 time for $140 + shipping.

It is a 3 1/4HP

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