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Really need help Young woodworker

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savan1221 created the topic: Really need help Young woodworker

i just began wood working and am in high school
i don't do it everyday but just for fun and hobbies/projects
i need help with miter saws
ok so i was looking at the lowes home brand Kobalt or HD home brand Ryobi sliding miter saw and also at the Hitachi C10Fch2
i don't know which one to get
i was thinking of getting the sliding one because it can cut longer pieces of wood and with a metal cutting blade i can make a rip cut
First is that a good idea because my rip cut is only 24inches long and the saw slides up to 12inches i can just flip it around and make a rip cut
but i don't know how accurate those saws are going to be accurate enough because i bought a Rockwell and after a week it wasn't making accurate miter cuts anymore
i heard that Hitachi is a good brand and is pretty accurate
for the price i don't have more then 200 bucks
the Hitachi is only 120 buck at lowes when the regular is 180
so i need advice
second question if i buy the Hitachi and want to make a metal rip cut what circular saw would be the cheapest and good and i do plan on using a guide to cut.
so i really need help deciding by end of today
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colin replied the topic: Re: Really need help Young woodworker

WOW ... you have lot of information in your post. First of all, ripping with any mitre saw is not recommended, and can be down right dangerous so we don't recommend that at all.
In terms of choosing between Hitachi, Ryobi and Kobalt. We have zero experience with Kobalt so we can't even comment on that. Ryobi do make some tools that are satisfactory but generally we find they are for lighter work, more for someone like a home handy-man who is doing occasional jobs, i.e. not for heavy use. Hitachi also make, from what we have seen, pretty good quality products for heavier use and more constant use. We might suggest the Hitachi may be a bit more suited to your kind of work, we also recommend purchasing a descent blade for the saw. The ones that come with them are generally not that good. Check out our section on saw blades to see what we mean.
Lastly, in terms of circular saw, this is something that could be classified as "occasional use" for your type of work. In this case a Ryobi would probably be fine, but again, get yourself a decent blade for it. Probably something around the 12 or 13 amp size should be fine.
Hope this helps ...
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savan1221 replied the topic: is a cheap miter saw good

so i was in sears and buying a Hitachi miter saw i did and a clearance item got my attention
a 7-1/4 miter saw for forty buck and i bought it as a hobby or as a metal cutting one
is this a good deal or what it was on clearance and bought a 3year protection plan for 6bucks
  • PaulD

PaulD replied the topic: Re: is a cheap miter saw good

Sounds like you got a good deal ... let us know how it works out for you.
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savan1221 replied the topic: Re: Really need help Young woodworker

it was a good saw and so lightweight and easy
only problem is the guard cover
first its metal
second the screw to loosen it was completly round so i don't know hoe to remove that it use to be a hexagon screw but its round now
what would i do just drill right through it and replace a screw or something else
does anyone know a good circular saw with laser for cheap i don't neeed that much power on it so its OK if its weak
  • PaulD

PaulD replied the topic: Re: Really need help Young woodworker

The Black & Decker CS1030L probably the best affordable saw your going to find that has a laser on it. Reviews on it are decent:

Personally, I would just forget the laser and buy a Skil 5480-01. Great little saw for the price. It would save you a few bucks and you would get a better quality saw also. Reviews on it are solid: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P9H4VO?ie=...ativeASIN=B000P9H4VO

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