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Memo From the President of Work Sharp

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Hello Work Sharp Customer,

There was a market disruption with The Home Depot and the Work Sharp WS3000 during the holiday weekend. I will explain what we think happened and what we are doing about it. To be clear, I only know what happened on Work Sharp’s end. I am assuming what happened at The Home Depot.

On Christmas morning, The Home Depot website posted prices for two of our tools: the Work Sharp 2000 and Work Sharp 3000 at approximately $32 and $62. Those prices represent a substantial discount from normal retail pricing. Usually the Work Sharp 3000 retail price is between $200 and $250. I can tell you these prices are well below the wholesale price for these products. Their system apparently registered an overstock of these units and initiated a sale. Unfortunately the offering was not automatically pulled from the website when The Home Depot’s existing inventory was gone. The following day their system cancelled all the back orders and when customers protested, the original mistake was compounded by customer service people blaming the cancellation on Work Sharp. To be clear, Work Sharp was not involved or informed of the pricing, orders or cancellations.

We are now talking with The Home Depot to address the irritation you have expressed. We have enjoyed a long and good relationship with The Home Depot and believe this unfortunate situation will be resolved in a satisfactory way for all concerned. I do not know what the final solution will be at this time but wanted to communicate with you to keep you informed. We will continue to communicate with you as more information is available.

Thank you for being a Work Sharp customer and supporting our company.

I would like to end by wishing you a Happy New Year and an enjoyable 2011.

Best regards,

Hank O’Dougherty.
President and CEO
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First, I’ve moved this to the right section, which is under tools.

It’s good to hear that you’re aware of the problem and you’re dealing with things.

The Work Sharp is a great tool and we hope Home Depot and Work Sharp can make things right with the people that ordered it.

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