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Table saw alignment

  • JeffArt
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JeffArt replied the topic: Re: Table saw alignment

Have you checked to make sure your trunions are properly aligned and the bolts are tight?
Loose bolts could possibly be allowing the whole trunion setup to wiggle a little.
  • thestruuus
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thestruuus replied the topic: Re: Table saw alignment

I have the rigid TS3650 and I can't seem to get it aligned right either. I have the fence aligned but I still get burning on the fence side. The blade appears to be wobble free. It almost appears that the rails the fence slides on are not parallel or some other crookedness. If I align the fence on the right of the blade then check the alignment on the left side it is off, I suspect if I align it 2 inches right of the blade, then move it 20 inches right of the blade it is no longer parallel.

If you come up with any solution I would be interested in knowing.

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