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Cut-Out tool

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I recently got interested in woodworking and I am planning on making my first basic project: A workbench. I am a newcomer in this field and I am still puzzled a bit to which tools I require.

My question to anybody who can help out right now is the following:

I am looking to make a 2x6 cut-out in a 2x6(See image for a visual)

Image link: www.nadlam.com/wood1/wwprev1.jpg

Now what tool am I supose to use to accomplish this? Should I just use a Jigsaw and start from a corner and then curve in, cutting piece by piece until I am able to get all the right angle to cut the 6 inch side. Or should I be using a router for this. I am confused due to the fact that I do not know for certain which method is the most appropriate. I know this is pretty basic but this is my first attempt and I am not sure exactly what to expect.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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shopteacher replied the topic: Re:Cut-Out tool

I would use a circular saw, cut the edges of your 2x6 then make cuts every 1/8th in between. Breakout the pieces clean it up with a sharp chisel. This technique \"chinese chiseling\" will give you the best results.
Have you completed the bench? What technique did you use?

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