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Moulder/Planer Machines

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shopteacher created the topic: Moulder/Planer Machines

Hello everyone I am looking for reviews, Pros/Cons, or just opinions of moulding machines. I am in the market for machines like the Belsaw 684, the base model grizzly moulder, and the base model shopfox.
My wife wants crown moulding, I figure why buy the moulding when I could buy a machine to make it.
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colin replied the topic: Re:Moulder/Planer Machines

Shapers are great, but like everything ... the better you buy the better a tool you end up with. Unfortunately, shapers only do one thing ... mouldings and unless you plan on doing a lot of picture frames, house mouldings or similar work, you might not get as much use out of it as you want. I had one, used it 4 times of 3 years and finally sold it. Just something to think about. (the good news is that I sold it for slightly more than I bought it for, so that worked out nicely too)
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21TBites replied the topic: Re:Moulder/Planer Machines

I have a Belsaw you are looking for. Too many of the same tools (3) so decided to move it. Call, 320-310-6249

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