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how are these planes to be used?

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I'm not sure if this the right forum to put my question on old hand tools. I've obtained a couple of wood planes, but I have difficulty applying them properly.

As you can see, it has on it's side two drilled holes, to which - I suppose - something should be attached. The other picture shows that the blade is not positioned perpendicular to the long side of the plane. I wonder if anyone can tell me what the purpose of these characteristics is.

When using this one, it's obvious it cuts directly into the wood and gets stuck... What is it meant for?

Thanks a lot for any help you can give!



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First off, I'm not an Expert on planes. However, the first one appears to be missing a part. I believe that this is arabiting plane and the part missing is the adjustable wing used to align with the "off" side of the rabbit.

No idea about the second one. :oops:

"Just one OLD man's opinion." :wink:
  • scrit

scrit replied the topic: Re: how are these planes to be used?

How's about the first one being a dado plane? Slightly skewed iron and rebates either side of the body seems right. Holes were probably for a fence.

The second one looks like a rebate plane but is missing a large chunk of toe from the stock

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Travlr7 replied the topic: Planes

Boy does it help to have good eyes. These old ones of mine missed the fact that both sides have rebates. I believe you are exactly right!

That's why it's important for more that one person answers a post. :lol:

"Just one OLD man sittin' here with a red face!" :oops: :wink:
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scrit replied the topic: Re: how are these planes to be used?

Well, wooden dado planes certainly look a LOT different from the cast-iron variety. Sometimes you see them with double nickers, too.


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